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Dear Customer


In December of 2001 The Royal Theater re-opened under new management with a free public screening of It’s a Wonderful Life. In the 19 years since it has been a wonderful run. My family, in partnership with Lee Comer and more recently Bill Wright, has endeavored to provide a venue for family entertainment, movies, music, and comedy; fund raising, school and community events; birthday, anniversary, graduation, engagement, retirement and family parties, and even a wedding! We have loved serving you and getting to know you. You welcomed us, supported us, and helped us update and upgrade. You came and we grew and have kept the doors open for you all.

   I don’t have to tell you that 2020 has been devastating for so many businesses large and small. Because of your support, some grants, and private donations we have had our doors open all the time we were legally allowed. Thank you so much. The film industry is changing fundamentally in this moment. It will continue to be difficult for small theaters like ours to remain open and viable going forward. I have faith that our community will continue to support the Royal Theater and insure its survival!

  It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close our run. This December’s screenings of It’s a Wonderful Life were our last. The Royal will go forward under new management in 2021. Hopefully spring will bring a re-opening of Hollywood and new movies will return. Until then and in years to come, our hometown treasure will still need your support and I’m confident you will continue to give it. I believe the Royal is core to the vitality of Downtown Danville. A dark theater is a sad sight, but a flashing neon marquee says come in and Enjoy the Show! We hope that our community will be enjoying the show at the Royal Theater for years to come!


Thanks for the run,

Tracie Shearer and family

Located on the Square in Danville, Indiana, the  historic Royal Theater has been serving the movie going public since 1927. Today you can see current movies at nostalgic prices as well as hear live music in one of central Indiana's best listening rooms.

Movie Tickets $6 (12 & over), $4 (under 3-11), $4 Matinee (shows before 6pm),  

2 & under free  Concert/Event Tickets vary $10-25