Hollywood's switch from 35-millimeter film to digital movies is imperiling some small theaters that can't afford the new projectors.Judy Keen, USA TODAY 7:22AM EDT September 30. 2012


THE REALITY: We need to undertake a very expensive digital conversion or by the middle of this year or we will have no film to play. Without the revenue brought in by film, we cannot continue to operate at all.

THE DILEMMA: How do we fund such a project with no reasonable way to pass the expense on to our customers and ensure the financial  viability of the theater?

THE BIG PICTURE: The Royal Theater, like many others across the country, can be a great asset to the community, or it can be a liability. We strive to serve our community by offering affordable entertainment of all types.  As long as we are able to provide movies on a regular basis, we will also be here to host live music, comedy, on stage drama, school events, fund raising events for schools, clubs and organizations, private parties, and more. This also enables us to give back by donating to schools, libraries, and others for their efforts. What would Danville look like without the lights of the Royal? Let's not find out!

SIMPLE WAYS TO HELP: ​Your small investment can go a long way! Please make one today by clicking on Buy Now below.you do NOT need a paypal account to use this button. Your attendance at our events will not only provide you with entertainment, but will help our efforts. Your purchase of an E-Pack (details coming soon) will save you money on entertainment, make a great gift and aid the cause. Telling your friends and neighbors about the Royal will help us get the word out. Share us on Facebook. Let's make the Royal a household word in Hendricks County and beyond! Please stay tuned.​









You helped us raise over $20,000! We borrowed the balance.

What's different? Improved picture and sound quality. Slightly increased ticket prices. Assurance we can continue to bring the latest titles.

What's the same? Low concession prices. Friendly personal service. Great customers.